Sunday, 17 May 2015

What is Real Literacy??

A literate is not only a person who knows to read and write a language but a person with a sound general knowledge and a good presence of mind.  Knowledge is stored information in our mind whereas ‘presence of mind’ is an action to drive a spot but the fittest decision during critical scenarios.  This conveys that ‘presence of mind’ is the one which converts our static knowledge to dynamic.  I think it’s time to revise the definition of general knowledge according to the emerging civilization.

    Let’s come to the derivation of new definition for literacy.  A literate should have high level overview (not necessarily deeper view) about all that directly or indirectly related to his day to day activities.  Let’s take a quick test to know where we stand in the literacy scale.

⦁    Do you know why we get hick ups, snore and belch? -- Anatomy
⦁    What will be the issue if your fan starts giving a “rrr..” sound? – Electrical
⦁    Do you know, what is the use of an android application “Camscanner”? – Science
⦁    Do you know the ill effects of methane projects? -- Politics & Civics
⦁    Do you know the mystery of Bermuda triangle? – Geography
⦁    Do you know what kind of basement they used to build your home? – Civil
⦁    Assume a toy seller buys each toy for 100$ and sells them with a 20% profit.  A man buys 5 toys from you and gives a 1000 $ currency.  You gave him the change. But then you found that it was a fake currency.  So how much will be your loss? 
Ans: 900      -- Aptitude
⦁    You have 5 rings.  If you want to make a chain out of it how much cuts and welds you need to make? 
Ans: cuts-2 and welds-2    -- Presence of mind

If you feel “What are these silly questions?” then there are maximum probabilities that you are literate.  However your score x/8 doesn’t scale your literacy exactly because it is just a sample and random questionnaire.  The motto of this test is just to demonstrate the various lines to ‘cover the GK’.  I think ‘trying to cover the GK’ will be the right phrase, as we know wisdom is a seamless ocean.   

     I think most of us had come across a GK book during our schooling that contains information about famous personalities; names of flags, president, prime minister, national song, bird, flower of all countries; years and dates of events occurred in the past etc... If I fill my mind database with all these info, do you agree me as a wise person? The knowledge or syllabus or technologies that we learn from school/colleges, ‘if not going to help us anyway’ in our daily life/career is equivalent to junk.  Even if we are the top scorer, we can no way boast if we just have a brain full of junks instead of knowledge. Do you think the score/rank is an exact unit to measure the talent, literacy or knowledge of a student? I think it may be a correct one to measure his memory capacity, communication and even creativity that led him to answer unknown questions too - but not to measure the above.

A sad fact is that, nowadays not only the students but even the parents, educational institutions and educational system are just concentrating on scores and not even bothers whether they are really being educated.  Educating is nothing but giving a wider general knowledge, complete discipline of humanity and deeper technical knowledge in the domain they wish to proceed with.  

    So despite we are educated or not let’s all be a literate since we deserve it with a qualification of sixth sense, also let us be disciplined that differentiates us from non-humans.  And if you want education, then make sure that you are really being educated.  Don’t read the concepts but do understand them and don’t stop there, try to implement them - who knows, it may end up with inventions and discoveries.  I am bidding you with hope that we will start enriching our minds to become a real literate    

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

BusinessTalk: Network Marketing

BusinessTalk: Network Marketing

This is a marketing strategy where the compensation of the sales force is not only from the sales they generate but also from the sales of other sales people they recruit. “Downline” is what they call for the recruited sales force that can recruit also other potential sales people and provide multiple levels of compensation. Network Marketing is also known as pyramid selling, multi-level marketing and referral marketing. Selling is done commonly by the sales people to consumers through direct selling by means of word of mouth and relationship referral.

Why Companies Need to Market their Products or Services thru Network?
Today, this kind of marketing strategies covers almost everything about products and services that
company offers you to market them such as nutritional products, beauty products, weight loss program, financial programs, communication services, electrical power, and internet access to name a few.
Companies spends millions of dollars to market them directly simply because they want access to your network and the network of people you have like family, friends will do the job of direct selling through word of mouth marketing that is far effective than other method of marketing where talking and presenting the products or services personally to the clients is more convincing especially if the person is known to be trust worthy. 

How Does It Work?
Network marketing is not about the more people you recruit, but is about the more compensation and
commission you will get. It is highly important to understand that this marketing strategy has a system to follow. Learning the system or the method plus your skill and ability will help you determine the interested people in the product or service that your company offers and potential sales people that you can add to the network to promote and market your company.

Network Marketing is good for those people who want to help others. If you enter the business world while just thinking about the money, this kind of thought in most cases will cause you to fail. By entering and starting your business, you need to love the product or services that your company offers and help each one in your network to keep it working. This way, success will come on your way.

What Is Good About Network Marketing?
One of the good thing about network marketing is that they can market and sale the products or
services offered by the company anywhere unlike other marketing strategies of other companies that
they assigned a group of sales representative in a specific place where they can only market exclusively the product and services there.

Another good thing about this is that by entering the business, you don’t have working hours to be followed and you can do the business even you are currently employed. You can make it as your part time job while learning the business through listening to seminars and undergoing training with your team in your network. As you learned the system of the business, you will also improve you communication and interpersonal skills by dealing with your clients and downlines.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Top 5 Tips to Influence the Traffic to Your Site

Owning a blog or website to market your product, brand or service requires special optimization. One of the best ways to make people notice you online is by using tactics that will drive traffic to your site. I guarantee that influencing traffic to your site is important for building a large audience and increasing your customers. I’d suggest that the best way to achieve this is focusing on attracting organic traffic by optimizing your site. Here are five tips through which you can achieve this.

 1. Optimize On-site Content
The first thing I’d recommend is to plan a basic format for the posts and pages. This will give a natural flow to your writing style and the SEO will not seem so daunting or time consuming. Streamlining the content is easier this way, as you have already formed the basic format of where what element would go. Some of the points you should focus on include:
  • Make your titles clear, concise, and accurate. They should be less than 70 characters and have the primary keyword, secondary keyword, and the brand or company name in it.
  • Optimize images with description tags and targeted keywords, so someone searching for the images will visit your site by clicking on the image.
  • Make sure the URL has the target keywords and describes your content precisely.
  • When you create content that is rich in quality and has keyword added relevantly, and in an interesting manner, your chances of ranking higher are more.

2. Off-site Backlinks
Link building forms a crucial role in increasing the page rank and driving the traffic towards your site. Instead of just focusing on the number of sites that link back to your site, I’d recommend going for the quality, reputation, and targeted sites, which will automatically get you to the top of the search engine ranking. You can use resources like Alexa Rank to find about a particular site and its usefulness to you, before you use it as a backlink. Open Site Explorer is another tool that is useful.
3. Bond with Powerful People
This is a sure-fire method that I’ve found quite useful in attracting traffic. You need to target the powerful people in your field and get their help in increasing traffic. Sharing content, posts or posting ads about their service on your site will create a mutual friendship that works both ways.
4. Increasing Visibility
By having SEO optimized images and content, you can increase your site’s ranking and get to Google’s first page, which is the right place to attract traffic to your site. Use online directories to publish your blog or site. Online directories like FourSquare and Yelp are where people go to when they search for solution.
5. Build Credibility Online
To increase your credibility, join forums related to your niche, participate in online chats, give your readers useful insights on the content you have in your site, and collaborate with the top names in your sector. All these are crucial in increasing the credibility of your site.
By giving the visitors to your site what they are in search of whether it is a solution to a problem they experience or offering a service they require or selling a product they want is the simplest way to flood your site with traffic. 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Guide on the Link Building Strategies for Beginners and Some Useful Resources

Link building is a highly challenging component in the optimization of your site. And it is also very crucial for the success of a site. I’ve found that it is influenced by the budget, the effort you put in it, and most importantly lots of creativity. The link building basically depends on the niche you have chosen and your personal preferences.

Link Categories
There are three main categories of links present which include:
Natural or editorial links – The links are given to your site naturally by sites that wish to link to your website. No particular optimization is required except focusing on the content and increasing its visibility. Some bloggers & website owners may impress in your content and give permanent links while they make some articles or include in their website/blog
Manual links – This is done by SEO where you email bloggers for links, submit the site to directories and pay for getting on the listings.

Non-editorial links – There are websites that offer the chance to create links via forum signatures, user profiles, guest book signing, blog comments, etc. Though these are of low value, they still help.
Significance of Link Building
Though some webmasters suggest that links are no longer given importance, I think it is an integral part of Google’s ranking process. SEO experts still recommend using links even if Google stops using the links for ranking, as the traffic generation to a site is mainly influenced by the links it has.
Strategies that Help
For accumulating the right links, you need to implement certain strategies like:
  • High quality content automatically attracts valuable links, so having a regulated and useful content always helps.
  • Careful use of anchor text links is needed as Google frowns upon using keyword rich anchor text. I’d suggest leaving the text to the site which you’re linking to, so you are not hit upon for abuse of anchor text. Also using diverse anchor text will make it look more natural and have a great impact
  • Having good knowledge on the preferences of your target audience is necessary. You can find this from the videos, blog posts, lists, and infographics that your target audience shares in social media.
  • Links in press releases are taken as paid links by Google. Doing something important and sending a note to bloggers or journalists about it will get them to write on it and also add a link to your site. The priority should be on getting maximum coverage w
    hich will automatically get you links, instead of the other way round.
  • Article submission, commenting and participating in blogs that belong to your niche, and listing your site on directories are some of the ways to boost link building
Useful Resources
I’ve found certain tools for link building more significant than the others. For instance, Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO are good backlink data providers, because of the metrics they use. Blekko and Ahrefs can be used to know about the backlinks and how they compare with the competition. Citation labs and Seer’s SEO toolbox offer a variety of resources that help you in all aspects of link building.
The ideas I’ve outlined are just a bit of the vast amount strategies that are present for link building. There are several other ways which webmasters use regularly and find success. In addition to the existing strategies, newer and fresh ideas like widget creation and Facebook app use are being considered for increasing links and generating traffic.
Links- Use free services and the Quality is Average

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Could Affiliate Marketing Resources Prove their Usefulness to First-time Bloggers?
 There are so many blogs functioning now and more new ones sprouting up at a rapid rate. If you are among the crop of first time bloggers, chances are that you are not yet exposed to the monetizing aspects of blogging. I’ve found that blogging is an excellent platform to generated income, especially via affiliate marketing, where you encourage readers’ interest in a particular service or product, and get paid, if a sale occurs because of your efforts.

Why affiliate marketing?
Many of you would be wondering how it is possible to start on affiliate marketing so early in your blogging career. Though I too had my doubts initially regarding this, soon I woke up to the fact that it is indeed a lucrative income generating tool that lets you work less and earn more, thus enjoying your life to the fullest possible. Blogging is a best earning medium, because when you give quality content, it brings you loyal readers who benefit from the content and trust your judgment over time. This practice soon makes your blog the best place for promoting services and products, provided they are relevant to the content.

Effective Setup for Better Monetization
As a budding blogger, you may find affiliate marketing a big step forward, but it is not so. I’ve found that it is an easy setup solution that has let me generate passive income, without putting in money or much effort. The first thing you should do is setting up an account with sites like Commission Junction or Click bank or SFI or other such sites to get your affiliate link.
There are numerous products present, but only a chosen few give you results. Proper research and with the assistance of sites like Google Insights or paid tools, you can chose the right product that is relevant to your blog. To get maximum results, I’d suggest targeting on content that is directed on commerce. For instance, food, religion, kids’ health etc., are not as attractive and lucrative as fashion, technological gear, savings or deals.
Most beginner bloggers find it very hard to make money from affiliate marketing. I know it is hard because not all the bloggers are marketers who know how to sell. Selling is the key in making a lot of money from affiliate marketing.
Ways to Promote and Succeed
I’ve found from experience that promotion is the best way to succeed in affiliate marketing. By promotion I don’t mean the large banner ads that you see people place on the header, footers or sidebars. In order to persuade your readers to buy the affiliate products via your links, you need to provide a stronger reason for them. You can get help from resources like:
  • Affiliate directories like Directory, Affiliates Directory, Affiliate Scout to search for the right program
  • Email auto responders like GetResponse, AWeber and FreeAutoBot  for promoting the products
  • Acquire help from the numerous affiliate marketing blogs and forums for better promotion
Successful sales result from the long term relationships and the trust you have built with your readers and not because of including the concepts that other successful marketers have added in their blogs. When you use the available resources wisely, knowing the value of the money and time you’ve invested in the process, I’m sure affiliate marketing can work well even for the first time bloggers. It is time to pull up your socks now.