Sunday, 23 July 2017

How to go Organic ,What is Organic and Why People Go Mad in Organic??

From The Dictionary - Organic is derived from Living Things, Free From Chemicals, Free from Pesticides. Etc

Why we go Organic

Simply because of exposures
1. Exposure of social media articles
2. Exposure of Health hazardous
3. Exposure of Contamination in Food
4. Fear of bad parenting 
When I do not know the processes of any product, I tend to believe what is told is real till we get convinced by another article which is extremely opposite to the old one.
I would say advertising technique of a famous brand toothpaste/powder during my Childhood – 
"Are you still using the Salt & Charcoal for brushing your teeth???" 
After 30 years of business, the same tooth paste manufacturer is asking 
" Is your paste having Charcoal & Salt??" 
Now, this is the point I start doubting about any corporate business and fortunately, all social media unfolded the opportunities to the common man like you & me to start comment, share our views. which leads the particular subject "Organic" Go Viral in public domain

Nowadays, genetically engineered (GE) food and genetically modified organisms (GMO), Pesticides are contaminating our food supply at an alarming rate, with consequences beyond understanding

Example - I read an article in Food NDTV, India which is updated during June 2017 says that Apple is the highly contaminated fruit. The same is reflecting in an American website with an image (but doesn't indicate). 

Few articles shows that analyses done and the results were with high pesticides - Read here at Times now

GE & GMO can reduce pesticides as they are highly resistant to insects which influence the reduction of pesticides. However, GE & GMO seeds are being debated in India now that this creates dependency on foreign companies (who sell the pesticides) for royalty, huge side effects and goes against nature- Read here

Non-veg is not Exclusive - Now a day’s chickens are fed with antibiotics and if you eat chicken regularly, you will fall prey to it. No antibiotics will work for you and you will have lot of genetic changes. Once pesticides enter food chain, it is available to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians- Read here

Every country has a scale for Organic Cultivation, Food & Regulation
European Union: EU-Eco-regulation Sweden: KRAV
United Kingdom: DEFRA
Japan: JAS Standards
New Zealand: there are three bodies; BioGroAsureQuality, and OFNZ

  • If you have roof garden, balcony, space then try to cultivate vegetables, herbs instead of junks. This will save your health and your future generation mindset of organic cultivation.
  • Make an analysis in your local area about seasonal vegetables which grows in general (not in conditional atmosphere). Example- In our area, farmers cultivate country brinjal, drumstick, Guava, papaya, watermelon, mango..etc and I buy them during the seasons but not every time
  • Contribute to the society for organic cultivation. Check your surroundings for need of bio-degradable disposals from your home. Encourage the farmers who is doing organic cultivation by buying vegetables.
  • Plan for your retirement life in organic cultivation so that you will be engaged to burn your calories and your society is safe 
  • Find out natural & organic farmers in your area and learn about organic cultivation
  • Read books on organic cultivation
If you are from Tamilnadu, India, read the story of Green crusader & scientist - Nammalvar
Wikipedia -
Youtubes -

Monday, 22 August 2016

Blogger Template Edit Html, Save Template Not Working While Trying to Include Meta Tag

I am not a regular blogger but a BEGINNER & I try to post something regarding affiliate business and its associated tips to the forum. As a best blogging practice, you must list your blogs in search engines so that your blog will be visible to search engines and you get clicks.  While registering, all search engines will ask you to include their "meta tag" (informs the search engine about snippets of page content in your blog post). Though there are other ways to list your blog/website to search engine, I use to follow this option as it is simple for Online Dummies like me.

These meta tags will not appear in your post/page but will be working behind the page along with html codes. The meta tags to be included in Template -Edit HTML where in, I was struck for 2 days and finally I figured it out

Step 1: Visit to your blogger and click Template 
Step 2: Click Edit HTML and check whether the Save template option is appearing ?? 
Step 3: If not, check for notifications of Blogger at the top of the HTML window & close it by clicking the "x" mark in right side of notification. (This is what I missed but did all other steps. At last I figured it out)
Now you can see your HTML window with Save Template Option
Jump to step 9 to add your meta tag with your blog. If not, follow other steps below  
Step 4: Click Customize your mobile site in Template - Click on the Gear symbol 
Step 5: By default it will show the mobile template option, otherwise click on Yes, show the mobile template in Mobiles & save it  
Step 6: Then click customize
Step 7: Check for the Remove customization (You have to customize your layout again after fixing this problem) 
Step 8: Apply to Blogger and Come back to Edit Html. Now you will find the Save Template Option
Step 9: Press edit html and look for <head> in the very beginning of the html codes 
Step 10: Click beside the <head> html code & enter 
Step 11: Paste the meta tags of the search engine and save template 
Step 12: Now go to respective search engine "webmaster tools" and press verify

"It is done"
Register with all the relevant search engines as per the category.
You can find varioussearch engines list & its links here. 
Never list your blogs in irrelevant category as it will be rejected

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Plastic Aadhaar Card Printout or Smart Aadhaar Card Printout -Never be trapped

Preface - Awareness article on Aadhaar Card for Indians. Other nationals, ignore and enjoy other articles

Purpose- To Caution the General Public and my beloved Internet Community to not to be trapped in disclosing their identity to whomsoever

What is Aadhaar Card??
Well I don't need to tell you much about it if you are an Indian. Well and let us move on to the important information. The idea of Aadhar is inspired from United States Social Security number. Unique identity number for every citizen to keep track of. If you want to know more- Read here
Plastic Aadhaar Card Printout- Why??
The Aadhar card issued by Government of India is in            size and we find it bit uncomfortable while taking out as it is not handy like our Credit card, ATM card, Visiting Card..etc. Hence, we generally wish to have a handy Aadhaar Card in our pocket for all kind of ready use. Such handy Aadhaar cards are not provided by the Government of India and people are forced to choose general outlets available in market for such printout

Here we Go - Aadhaar Misuse
There are several types of Plastic Aadhaar cards printouts are available in market and I am listing out only few which are generally available. You can find when you Google "Plastic Aadhaar card Print out options".
Option 1- Call us and tell your Aadhaar Card number, we will printout & laminate your card
Option 2- Upload your Aadhaar card in our website and we will send you printout
Option 3- Become a sale partner and print out the card for your area
While sharing such information, you are sharing all your details like address , parent name & identity which can be misused by any means. Best example is IRCTC has modified its Ticket Information system in the chart after receiving repeated allegation by many individuals & authorities that is being misused

I was also like you and I figured out "How this Aadhaar Card can be misused and I compiled all such results along with Government of India Notifications on such allegations/ frauds

Though the Aadhaar card is not effectively linked now except LPG, soon it is going to be linked with your passport, pan card, ration card..etc. Restrict sharing your identity for mandatory requirements alone like LPG, Bank account, Ration card..etc , Avoid sharing such information to all your requirements

Read below links for more details
  1. You don't need an Aadhaar smart card, because there is  NO SUCH CARD
  2. UIDAI Cautions People Against Aadhaar 'Smart Card'- NEWS IN MAY 2016
  3. What are some of the ways Aadhaar (UID) can be MISUSED by government or otherwise?
  4. Cyber Expert Fear about Aadhaar Card

Thursday, 24 March 2016

How to Succeed in Work from Home & How to avoid SPAMS

This time instead of the usual tips I would like to share some wisdom with you.

The question is: Why is it so hard for most of the people to get rich?

The biggest problem is the mind-set. We are all trained from childhood to be consumers. All we think about is getting things, buying things ,collecting things. The easier the way to get the things we need/want the better. The more complete the ‘’package’’ of things we buy the better.
If everything can be just prepared for us to consume the better. The less we do to get to the things we need/want the better.

"Our Laziness makes money to any Seller"

That can’t be useful if you want to make money online. You have to change your way of thinking and start making and selling those ‘’packages’’ if you want to make money.

And that is another problem. Nobody likes to bother, spend time and energy on thing like that. Most of us just want to get rich easy and quickly –which is very hard if not impossible.

It is hard to change your mind-set . It means that you have to give up on old thoughts, assumptions, attitudes and prejudice that took you a lifetime to make .You define yourself by them and you think that changing them is bad.

But it is not!

Because, we as individuals are supposed to learn, grow, evolve. Otherwise we will be stuck in same place and experience the same things over and over again learning absolutely nothing. Imagine having the same personality you had when you were 10! That same goes for every decade in your life.

But as they say the older the person the harder to change them. This is mainly because of the comfort zone that we are all used to it and that we love it. BUT that is not good for your business or financial situation!

And back to the consumer’s mind-set. We like things quick, easy and with at least effort possible. The shortest shortcut there can be.

What is bad about those shortcuts is: they are short!

We all want bigger house,  better cars, bigger salary and more but rarely who is ever prepared to do something about it. Most of people’s dreams are short as the shortcuts they imagine and go like this: "I would love it if I can earn $2.000 this month. That would be great! But then I will have to work to get them and invest time which I’d rather spend playing games or going out with friends (insert your daily activities here). When I think about it I don’t want to ‘’sacrifice ‘’that (the comfort zone) .It would be great if I can just win them. Or if someone just gives them to me. Oh well maybe I can try next month. (Procrastination!) ‘’
And it all ends here. More wishing and expecting but zero action.

It is also important to be dedicated and persistent when working on your goals/wishes/desires. If things seem hard then go explore for options. Go learn as much as you can about what you want to achieve.

Don’t just say :’’I am not good for this! And I never will be’’. And even if that is true you can always learn and improve yourself! I know of many successful Team Leaders in Strong Future International who were shy, knew nothing about advertising, computers and hardly spoke English. Some of them are 50-60 years old! But nothing stopped them! They changed (stopped being shy), learned English and how to advertise and never sat and complained about their situation and limitation! Instead they worked with their Teams ,read tons of books and articles, did their advertising , referred ECAs ,opened their shops and now are making good money!

So YES everything can be done if you are willing to!

Go out there and learn and improve, advertise and make money!

1.Have the right mind-set
2.Be ready to change
3.Wish but also act on it
4.Don’t procrastinate!
5.Take control of your life. Don’t just watch it pass by
6.Get outside the consumers box
7.Be persistent! If something doesn’t work change the way you do it!
8.Don’t weep over your limitations
9.Be courageous and try new things. Comfort zone never gave anyone anything extraordinary
10.Things take months/years. Never forget that! Don’t be discouraged by time.

Print out some inspiring stuff and hang them around your home. Put them your walls, windows, mirrors ,fridge..whenever you can see them everyday .They will keep you in touch with reality.

Don’t live in illusions and ignorance!

Download & Read more like this

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Where to find Daily Registered Websites, Domains

Being an Affiliate Marketer, it is essential to identify the online advertising platform on daily or weekly basis. Daily Registered Websites are numerous in all over the World and you can check recently registered websites in the following Domain Registration websites
  1. registeredlookup
  2. dailychanges
  3. namestead
  4. whoisxmlapi
  5. idomainstats
You can find Daily registered websites at all the above gateways with /without signups. 

Why I have to search Daily Registered Websites

You can get the below benefits but not limited
  1. place FREE ads on long run/validity
  2. identify webmaster to place your ads in any form like Banner ad, Text ad..etc @ cheap rate
  3. find more option to do online job, marketing, advertisements
  4. get new business associates & collaboration
  5. registered seller/buyer for your business
  6. More Ideas & tips which is the fuel for Affiliate business
Make use the resource and post your comments